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Integrated information system

The automation functionalities include:
- The use of field bus technology;

- Definition of the physical variables to be monitored;

- Definition and selection of the proper actuators;

- Definition of communication methodology;

- Definition of the cabling system.

The I.I.S. was born from the will to provide the EIP system of the necessary intelligence for the control in real-time, and to have feedback as well as a user-friendly component. The technology at field bus on CANopen protocol distinguishes itself for the strength and transmission speed, and it interfaces itself to the user by a network connection disposal on the majority of normal pc. Connecting your own computer or by the optional pc panel component, all necessary data for the diagnostic and the control are displayed.

The System development includes also the study of a self-learning software system, able to attend actively the management of the installation answering to events and classifying them automatically. To all that, the services of remote control are joined, with events¿ recording according to different importance levels and the raising of alarms towards the most usual communication devices (e-mail, sms, phone).

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