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Ecological treatment of solid waste in rural areas while integrating the local community

The project examines the implementation of the Arrow-Bio technology within an eco park framework in a rural area.

The potential implementation is through integration with the following systems: Sewage plants, landfills or local industrial plants. The integration can produce a maximal economic efficiency by use of products (energy for recycled materials, fertilizer, metals, plastic etc.) preservation of environment, development of industry and employment while keeping the green aspect.

End users are: Farmers who receive the fertilizer, Industry getting the raw materials and the public who will be able to keep clean lands without landfills.

The benefits are:
- Energy - Producing electricity by biogas engines.

- CO2 Separation and using it for greenhouses. Using the CH4 (methane) as natural gas in the industry, for vehicles or as direct energy for heating purposes.

- Fertilizer - According to the primary results in Israel it seems that the fertilizer will be of suitable use in the organic agriculture thus developing this kind of agriculture in the rural area (since the demand for chemical fertilizers is declining).
- Recycling Industry - The separated and clean materials such as plastics, metals and glass can be used for installing recycling plants and thus save many resources and energy. An additional result is development of new employment sources for the whole area.

The main advantage is the inversion of waste into raw materials, in an ecological manner and a relatively cheap price compared to other technologies (such as incinerators). The process does not require complicated methods, is using the materials in a maximal way and turning them from a nuisance to a resource while at the same time creating working places and raw materials for the local population.

An additional advantage is the possibility to deal with the result according to the Kyoto convention by a significant reduction of greenhouse emission.

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