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A database of potential policy measures for environmental regulation

The objective of this working paper is to perform a survey of the climate change literature to establish a policy tool box for regulation of agricultural land use in a changing environment. The policy tool box should serve as a source of inspiration for identifying adaptation options to climatic changes. Adaptation refers to changes in processes, practices or structures to moderate or offset potential damages or to take advantage of opportunities associated with changes in the climate.

The working paper addresses the agronomic, socio-economic and environmental impacts of climate change on agro-ecosystems. The focus is on the adaptation options relevant for policy makers, i.e. adaptation measures representing conscious policy options or response strategies aimed at altering the adaptive capacity of the agricultural system or facilitating particular adaptations to climate change.

The Working Paper does not make any recommendations between different adaptation options or policy measures but provides a gross list of the suggested options and measures reported in the literature.

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