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Climate change effects on land use and ecosystems: UK case study

The UK case study incorporates results from the SPECIES model and downscaled SPECIES model on the potential distribution of species on a 5km x 5km grid throughout the UK for current conditions (1961-90) and for selected climate change and land use change scenarios for the years 2020, 2050 and 2080.

Results are available for 8 species; 4 associated with lowland calcareous grassland and 4 associated with cereal field margins, including their vulnerability to climate change. The climate and land use change scenarios have been downscaled to a 1km x 1km grid for East Anglia, a relatively homogeneous low-lying region with a dry temperate climate.

Results from the downscaled SPECIES model and the species' dispersal model are available for the East Anglian region, showing the likely ability of species to track the predicted changes in their distributions. These results would be useful to those making decisions about the management of habitats and species in East Anglia and they could provide local guidance on setting nature conservation objectives, taking account of climate change impacts.

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