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Climate change effects on land use and ecosystems: Almeria case study

The Almeria Case Study is a regional database of the most dry and arid region of Europe, located in SE Spain. It is configured as a Geographic Information System and covers an area of ca. 10000km², consisting of a variety of raster layers at resolutions ranging from 10m to 1000m, vector coverages at scales from 1:10000 to 1:1000000, and associated relational databases.

Its thematic contents include:
- Climate (both present-day and selected IPCC-SRES scenarios for the years 2020, 2050, and 2080);

- Topography (DEMs and derived topographic variables);

- Vegetation cover and classes (satellited derived); nature reserves (N-2000 reserves and habitats);

- Species distributions (habitat builders from Annex I of the EC habitat Directive);

- Ecological connectivity of those species within the area (outputs of the ALCOR connectivity model, both for present conditions and for scenarios);

- Land cover (CORINE LC); and

- Corrected satellite imagery (AVHRR, Landsat TM, and IKONOS).

Most of the data have been error assessed and can be used for general purposes concerning their thematic content, or as a benchmark for related models and projects. This database is a cumulative effort together with other RTD projects, and targets to integrate in global or continental wide monitoring networks such as GTOS.

More information on the QUILT project can be found at:

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Estacion Experimental de Zonas Aridas (CSIC)
General Segura 1
04001 Almeria
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