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Data analysis and forward modelling software

We have developed software for the analysis and forward modelling of low-frequency volcanic earthquakes.

These low-frequency events linked with the eruptive behaviour of the volcano and understanding their source and behaviour is important in investigating the eruptive dynamics of the volcano.

Resonance of the magma conduit is modelled using a 2-D finite difference code, demonstrating the behaviour of a seismic wave trapped at the interface of the magma conduit and the country rock. Additional code calculates the magma properties along the length of the conduit, which vary realistically with depth and with the effects of unloading. The behaviour of the seismic wave under these changing conditions can then be analysed.

Application of a realistic topography to see the effects on seismic wave propogation has also been developed, whilst further work on the Q factor (1/attenuation) gives a greater insight into the effects that the magma has on the seismic waves.

Data analysis software has been developed which identifies and classifies seismic events, and provide a set of seismic parameters for statistical analysis.

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The University of Leeds
School of Earth Sciences
LS2 9JT Leeds
United Kingdom
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