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Program for visualising satellite flood area information with combined hydrological and hydraulic model for operational decision making at WEB

More accurate water level predictions and flood maps should be available after the project on the internet. Maps and internet 'portal' supports land use planning and flood mitigation and increases public awareness. The web-based flood portal should, in near future, contain also other flood related information.

At the moment we have collated flood related information and produced some accurate flood maps from the test area to support SAR-algorithm development for flood extent analysis. In near future SAR-algorithm accuracy must be analysed and cost-benefit analysis should be carried out.

Project results are expected to be usable commercially in water power production and in flood mitigation. Socially maps are increasing public safety as well as supports land use planning.

Dissemination happens through free distribution leaflets (already published one), shared project brochures and given presentations. The developed method can be used in other river-catchments as well.

If results are tried and tested then customer trainings are possible and collaboration with project partners continues after the project. We all share also dissemination information among partners and support each others. It is also likely that our customers are interested on this and therefore would help us with the dissemination.

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