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Experiences of transferring innovative housing models - The Norwegian national report

The national report is following the common structure of all the 8 national reports:

The first part gives an outline of the general and special features of the Norwegian housing policies, focusing on its development after 2nd World War and evaluates the housing policies in relation to general social policies and economic development.

The second part presents the Norwegian Case studies with an introduction explaining the rationale for the choice of the case studies.

The final part gives overall conclusions from the case studies on what is required to turn the tides in deprived urban areas.

The report is 164 pages including 7 pages executive summary. The national report was presented at a National conference in 2002, but further dissemination of results have been done in more condensed form in CD-ROM and Handbook for the whole project.

More information on the NEHOM project can be found at:

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