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Experiences of transferring innovative housing models - The French national report

The French national report has the following structure:
The first part which should give an outline of the French national housing policy was, however not included in the primary version of the report which started with an introduction on the selection of the three French case studies.

The main part presents the case studies Aigues Duoces in Port de Bouc, Kalliste and Les Flamants in Marseilles. The final part gives an evaluation of the case study results and their transferability.

The national report was disseminated and discussed at the French NEHOM national conference. But the full dissemination of results depends on the distribution in more condensed form in CD-ROM and Handbook. The French Postdoc has translated 1/3 of the Handbook to French, but this work had to be terminated as the EU money was not sufficient to continue the work and financing of the printing of a French edition has not been successful so far.

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