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Experiences of transferring innovative housing models - The German national report

The German national report is in general following the common structure of all national reports, but is divided in two more distinct parts as the policy situations differ between the German Länder:

The main part presents the 3 Berlin case studies within the context of the Berlin 'Soziale Stadt' programme for 'neighbourhood management'. The first part of the Berlin report presents these policies and presents the chosen case studies in this setting. The second section presents the three case studies and the final sections give a comparative conclusion and review transferability.

The fourth German case study presents the Tenant Garden project in the Berliener Virtel in Monheim am Rhein, land Nordrhein-Westphalia in the setting of the housing policies in that 'Land'.

The results from the German case studies were presented at the German National NEHOM conference 2002. The further dissemination is done in a more dense and comparative form through the NEHOM CD-ROM and Handbook as well as through the NEHOM web site.

More information on the NEHOM project can be found at:

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