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Experiences of transferring innovative housing models - The Swedish national report

The Swedish national report follows the common structure of the other national reports done in the framework of the project:

The first section, after the executive summary, presents the national context covering first the general housing situation and housing policies, then the more specific social housing policies and the neighbourhood initiatives.

The second part present the three case studies after an introduction in which the rationale for choosing them and how they fit in the NEHOM context is presented. The following section presents conclusions and reflections on transferability.

The Swedish case studies were both presented at local seminars in each case study area and at a NEHOM national conference. But the full dissemination of results depends on the distribution in more condensed form in CD-ROM, Handbook and through internet pages.

The Swedish partner is involved in further development of the theme in new EU-financed projects and in the educational exchange programme envisaged through a Nordic Council project involving partners in Estonia, Lithuania and Norway.

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