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Experiences of transferring innovative housing models - Hungarian extension project

The NAS extension of NEHOM project was approved only in the end 2002 and thus the time to carry out the project work was limited to 14 months. The aim of the project was to work out a model strategy form improving social and physical conditions in a deprived inner city neighbourhood, a part of Jozsefvaros, Budapest. This is a district with a fairly large Roma population and is also typical for poor inner city environments in other large cities in former communist countries.

The REV8 is a firm that carries out rehabilitation and renewal in this district and tries to keep a social profile and not to move the poor segment of the population out of the area. The main problem in the area is that those that have become flat owners have few skills and abilities to seek advice and help to rehabilitate their apartments, which are in a very bad condition. Unemployment rate is on the other hand very high, which means that available workforce exists. It just needs to get organised and get training (new skills).

Another feature, typical of inner city areas, is that there are very little open space apart from the streets and youngsters have few possibilities of places to go in the afternoon for positive activities. In order to do something with this problem the project undertaken with inspiration from the NEHOM initiatives in other parts of Europe was:
- Establish a forum of condominium representatives to have a channel to give information on financial and practical assistance that is possible to get for rehabilitation;

- Create simple jobs for unemployed in keeping the area more tidy;

- Set up internet facilities for information channels;

- Opening up the sports areas of the school grounds after school hours to provide places for positive youth activities.

The initiatives have been kicked off, but some have been difficult to implement. it is still too early to see what can be carried out.

The report as such gives guidance to other similar areas. The dissemination of the results will be done in English and in Hungarian.

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