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Handbook on new ideas for neighbourhoods in Europe

The HANDBOOK contains the same material as the NEHOM CD-ROM, but is structured in another way. In addition, the handbook includes two appendices that are not included on the CD-ROM:
- Summary presentation of two of the NEHOM pilot studies, Reidvale estate in Glasgow and Lyderhorn Co-op in Bergen (based on report D2).

- Transferability analyses in the NEHOM project including summary of the reports prepared by REV8 on Jozsefvaros in Budapest and from EKHHL on Mustamäe courtyard project in Tallinn.

The Handbook aims at disseminating to the same audience as the CD-ROM, housing administrators and planners, tenant organisations and inhabitants in the relevant neighbourhoods. It presents itself for a traditional usage, but does, of course, not need to be read from page 1 to 330.

The benefit of the book is that it may, with much less costs, be translated and issued in the main European languages. A French translation has already been started, but not yet finished. A similar production of CD-ROM demands months of technical production, which makes that type of product more 'singular.'

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