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Results of performance of CALTOOL in the laboratory and recommendations for positioning of samplers under test

The performance of the CALTOOL has been assessed in a set of laboratory tests. The sampling efficiency of the CALTOOL in calm air has been investigated in a large calm air chamber for a wide range of particle sizes. The results showed that the CALTOOL sampling efficiency agreed to within +9% of the target inhalability for calm air. As the ventilation in most indoor workplaces is considered to be calm (< 0.1 m s-1), this is a very important result. Limited data have been obtained for the performance of CALTOOL in moving air.

The results obtained showed that at low windspeeds the performance of CALTOOL was higher than the moving air inhalability target (EN481) and was closer to the calm air inhalability. At high windspeeds the CALTOOL sampling efficiency was close to EN481 inhalability. The performance of two personal samplers was investigated in moving air. The effect on the indicated performance of the mounting position of personal samplers on the CALTOOL torso was investigated using point sources in a simulated workplace.

This work has established that the new calibration tool for testing personal samplers in workplaces is suitable for most indoor workplaces, and guidelines for how to operate the new device have been suggested.

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University of Birmingham
University West Road, Edgbaston
B15 2TT Birmingham
United Kingdom
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