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Results of the use of CALTOOL to assess the performance of personal samplers in a range of workplaces

The performance and suitability of CALTOOL was assessed in 15 different workplace settings in three EU member states. The CALTOOL proved to be relatively easy to use and was able to perform in both indoor and outdoor workplaces, with a range of processes producing a wide range of particle size distributions. Seven different types of personal sampler were tested, with two of them having over 60 individual tests.

However, the results showed that the high variability of aerosol concentrations found in those workplaces masked the ability of the CALTOOL to provide a differentiation in performance between good and poor samplers. It was suggested that the CALTOOL would be best used by concentrating on repeat shifts at one workplace rather than limited numbers at a wide range of sites.

Since the completion of the project, further work has been carried out by one partner with the CALTOOL in a limited number of workplaces for one industrial sector, and the results look promising. Trials in woodworking shops and foundries are planned to take place in the near future by a second partner.

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