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Design of calibration tool for the assessment of the performance of personal samplers in real workplaces

A new calibration tool has been designed that will enable personal samplers for inhalable aerosols to be tested in real workplaces. The new system comprises an idealized breathing manikin, complete with on-board pumping unit. The manikin has an elliptical torso for mounting personal samplers under test and the reference concentration measurements are obtained from an idealized “mouth” entry and filter holder positioned in a removable cylindrical head.

Preliminary tests showed that the chosen continuous breathing through the mouth gave the same results as sinusoidal breathing, and the sampling efficiency of the calibration tool was close to the desired target for both calm and moving air. The performance and suitability of CALTOOL was assessed in a number of different workplace settings in three EU member states. The CALTOOL proved to be relatively easy to use and was able to perform in both indoor and outdoor workplaces, with a range of processes producing a wide range of particle size distributions.

The design of the CALTOOL is freely available and a set of engineering drawings is included in the Final Report on the project that is available from the coordinator. Alternatively, they can be obtained separately from the coordinator.

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