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Integrated mould and product calculation software

IMPC (Integrated mould and product calculation) software shall enable quick and accurate calculation of mould costs for the elaboration of a quotation. It is also capable of delivering scenario calculations in order to forecast the impacts of alternative mould lay-outs on the costs of producing plastic parts with it.

The software provides the calculator with guidance through the process of estimating the costs for a new mould. Furthermore, it will speed up the process of quotation calculation since the number of input data is limited to 40-50 pieces of information per offer. Thus, the quotation preparation time is likely to be around 2 hours.

The end-users of the IMPC software will primarily be mould makers who, beside accelerating their quotation process, want to offer their customers the additional service of comprising the whole life cycle of the product within the cost calculation. Therefore, also injection moulders will heavily benefit from the software by identifying the mould alternative most suited to their demands.

The main differentiating factors of the IMPC software are the perspective of performing quick and very exact cost calculations as well as the possibility to produce scenario calculations on a life cycle basis.

More information on the Integrated Mould and Product Calculation (IMPC) -project can be found at

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