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Adapted post-processing method

The objective was to find an economic way to improve the surface quality of the lasersintered parts. Different post-processing methods are possible, for e.g. micro-blasting, grinding, polishing, ECM, Laser polishing or vibrator finishing. The commercial used process for SLS-parts is the micro blasting and the polishing. Micro blasting is a very cost efficient and simple process but it is not suitable for high gloss polishing. With polishing the best results will be achieved but a very long processing time is needed.

Within this project a new process was adapted for the use in post-processing of lasersintered surfaces. This process is called vacuum blasting. This process is new on the market and it is very similar to the conventional micro blasting. The difference is an additional cleaning process of the blasting material. Investigations were done with very good results.

The surface quality could be improved from Rz = 40-60µm to Rz = 21µm.

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