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LCA methods for machine tools life cycle analysis and environmental impact evaluation

The results consist of methods to accomplish Life Cycle Assessment of the innovative technologies and products (and the materials used there in) in order to assess the environmental impacts of the new ultra light machine tools.

The Life Cycle Assessment studies will be carried out following internationally recognised standards as expressed by the ISO 14.040 series, which dictates the guidelines for the main phases of an LCA in the following way:
- ISO 14.040 - Life Cycle Assessment: Principles and Guidelines;
- ISO 14.041 - LCA: Life Cycle Inventory Analysis;
- ISO 14.040 - LCA: Impact Assessment;
- ISO 14.040 - LCA: Interpretation.

After defining the goal and scope of the study, the system boundaries and the functional unit, an inventory of data regarding the possible and estimated inputs (energy consumption) and outputs (emissions to air, water, waste produced) in the innovative production processes will be done.

The collected data will then be translated into specified impact categories, as recognised by SETAC:
- Global warming;
- Acidification;
- Eutrophication;
- Photochemical smog;
- Stratospheric ozone depletion.
A final interpretation of the results will then be possible.

The specifications and a description of the approach have been provided.

Relating to the impact assessment an analysis on energy saving aspect has been also carried out for the three ultra-light machine demonstrators.

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