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Cutting tests results superior to commercial inserts for FGM SiAlON and new SiAlON pieces

Preliminary cutting tests were performed at ARC, CRF and SGAC.

CRF and SGAC carried out wet and dry machining test on different "difficult to cut" ferrous-based materials in order to study and classify wear mechanisms for commercial competing ceramic inserts. Collected data have been also used as input for tool wear simulation in co-operation with ESIL.

The first prototypes of the FGM inserts performed very good results in the rough turning of ADI Cast Iron and Inconel 718 using the same cutting parameters of the production plants at CRF. A qualitative analysis allows to estimate a reduction in tool wear around 25 with respect to the tested best competing commercial inserts. The results will not be industrialised because the special process is not scalable in manufacture facility.

Cutting experiments with the new SiAlON grade inserts out of laboratory gave good performance: in tests with ADI cast iron and spherical graphite cast iron. The new grade “A3” and “A4” have been tested in cutting (turning) and face milling. Cutting of ADI was not so successful but face milling of hardened steel M2 gave 600% increase in cutting speed and 100% in feed.

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