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Slag chemistry established for process optimisation

A composition of slag has been selected which meets the following criteria.

- High fluidity at plasma treatment temperatures for good mixing and pouring

- Ability to synthesise almost entirely from a mixture of readily available waste materials

- Correct nucleation and crystallisation behaviour in the vitrified form for ceramic product manufacture.

The establishing of this composition will provide the raw materials for a novel class of ceramic materials to be manufactured from readily available waste products, having superior properties and firing characteristics than equivalent conventional materials. This has the potential to improve the economic viability of a range of waste processing techniques, especially plasma treatment, and to increase the recycling and reuse of waste materials in a safe and beneficial way, leading to greater sustainability in the field of ceramic materials production.

The chosen slag chemistry has been optimised as far as possible within the programme but further refinements to aid the three criteria above are both possible and desirable to achieve the full potential of the waste treatment and ceramic manufacture. Future European research activities are being actively considered for this purpose in collaboration with leading in ceramics production and plasma techniques.

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