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Decision support system for the rehabilitation of deteriorating sewers

The Resew System - Decision Support System for the Rehabilitation of Deteriorating Sewers consists on:
- Digital Archive for CCTV Sewer Inspection Tapes;
- Automated Sewer Classification and Sewer Assessment;
- Implementation of an Interactive User Interface.

Implementation of an Interactive User Interface:
The RESEW system draws together several functions that provide the user with an easy, fast and accurate method of sewer assessment.

A flexible and user-friendly interface is developed for the management of utility networks. It provides typical GIS functionality (spatial selection, zooming, panning, classification, etc) and a connection to a descriptive database (ODBC connection). The environment is so far utilised in several utility contexts (water networks, sewer networks) where different engineering models are developed (e.g. structural reliability models for water pipes, reliability models taking into account seismic risk, safety models based on digital imagery of sewer interior, rehabilitation models for the previous) and incorporated.

Digital Archive for CCTV Sewer Inspection Tapes:
Users benefit from digitally organised, indexed and filtered video material that provides users with improved access to sewer inspections. The RESEW system builds on a digital archive of sewer tapes.

Automated Sewer Classification and Sewer Assessment:
CCTV surveys of sewers are completed prior to adoption of sewers by the Water Company, to ascertain the structural condition of the sewer, to determine whether rehabilitation or replacement is necessary and to monitor the system for any operational problems such as blockage and siltation. Currently CCTV surveys are completed by contractors who CCTV the sewer length.

Whilst completing this activity the operator records any defects that are identified during the inspection. The defects are classified and reported to the Water Company. This current system is very subjective, produces poor reproducibility of result, and is subjective, time consuming and subject to human error.

The RESEW system will remove the subjective nature of the sewer classification and assessment thereby increasing the reproducibility and consistency of results.

The system will greatly reduce the technical requirements on the operator, reduce errors, reduce cost and provide an objective assessment of sewer condition.

More information on the RESEW-project can be found at

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