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Sustainable accommodation in the new economy: Conceptual model of the unified framework

Methodology and computational description of a final process oriented conceptual model for the integration of the different single SANE (Sustainable Accommodation in the New Economy) core concepts coming from the Space model, Human Environment Model and the ICT process and tools model. Development and the semantic description of the process patterns of business objectives, business processes, work activities, work context, work agents, work organisation, work co-ordination, work relation. The conceptual model was proposed by FAW as a central element of the unified framework.

This development leads to a process oriented methodology to analyse and evaluate work place design processes and the integration of virtual and process oriented enterprise modelling aspects. This model will also serve as the basic meta model for the development of a new decision oriented ruled based workplace design tool as an expansion of the knowledge based FAW POWM tool and the AGIP-Shell tool.

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