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Sustainable accommodation in the new economy: Space environment model

The Space Environment Model focuses on the architectural aspects of the human environment in organisational settings. In this result, the concepts developed within the three theoretical workpackages of the SANE project are fused into a conceptual model for a generic methodology for describing the implementation of a distributed workplace project.

With respect to “place”, the spatial domain to be aligned in the SANE unified framework, a hierarchy of elements has been identified and subsumed in the concept termed “WorkScape”

The hierarchy of WorkScape is centred around the concept of work setting, “the immediate environment [or immediate spatial context] that the body interacts with” , being it physical, virtual or hybrid in nature. While the characteristics of work setting elements are too atomic in order to adequately represent a situation of an individual performing work, descriptions of work arena or work environments on the other hand allow for far too extensive interpretations regarding the actual place of work performance with respect to the individual. Therefore assuming the concept of work setting as the core concept for the spatial perspective is justified.

Workscape encompasses work setting elements, work settings, work arena and the work environment. The work setting elements are the building blocks to make up the work setting, which itself can be either physical or virtual. The work arena is the collection of one or more work settings that forms somewhere which then has the attributes of a ‘place’. The work environment is the physical environment at the highest level, which is possible to make the analysis meaningful. This concept of workscape takes on its own characteristics. These characteristics of workscapes can be listed as follows: ability to control boundaries, access to people, access to information and data, ability to support group work, ability to control confidentiality and degree of ‘presence’ and sharing offered.

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