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Sustainable accommodation in the new economy: Unified framework

The Unified Framework (UF) has been defined in SANE as a means for integrating concepts from various research domains. Rather than approaching new ways of working from a single discipline perspective, be it driven by technology or property development, SANE develops an coherent framework relevant to both academia and industry to implement new ways of working with regard to:
- Designs for physical, hybrid and virtual work place,

- Communicative requirements for knowledge workers and co-ordination of inter- and intra-organisational communication, and

- Technology platforms for seamless communication.

In this approach, each research discipline is perceived as a complementary ingredient for new ways of working. The UF serves as a conceptual umbrella inter-linking issues from the multitude of realms. Its core idea is to grant conceptual access to research issues and results from complementary domains. When pursuing this approach, one has to identify the pivotal concepts of each individual domain as well as to characterise the linkages.

The unified framework consist of number of elements: business consulting strategy with a guided tour for workplace design, the configuration methodology, conceptual model and asking the right questions.

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