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MXF SDK development

Freeware reader and writer. Allows MXF files to be created and displayed in a Media Player.

Until the recent standardisation of the MXF file format in SMPTE, only incompatible proprietary file formats existed. These proprietary formats prevented file based communication between products from different vendors. With the advent of MXF and the freeware implementation from Snell & Wilcox, this market has now been opened up to competition. Although the base layer specifications and implementations for MXF exist today, work is still continuing in the SMPTE to define the enhanced versions.

The Snell & Wilcox MXF Express SDK comprises of two parts:
- A simple MXF wrapper program and Windows Media 9 plug-in which allows MXF files to be simply created and played on any Windows based PC.

- A set of MXF dedicated tools to enable users to build MXF wrap and read applications for their own products.

More information on the MetaVision project can be found at:

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