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Knowledge of how to implement the topic map standards for navigation purposes

The Kath. Univ. Leuven R&D is basically an educational and a research oriented organisation without commercial interests.

Nevertheless the MultiReader project is an important activity for our research group. KULRD will increase its research potential in the field of Multimedia Standards, especially XML and related standards: Topic Maps, XSLT, SVG and SMIL. This includes the knowledge and application of up-to-date document editing and conversion as well as topic map design and editing, accessibility verification and management.

- Learned how to design and implement the Topic Map ISO standard in order to provide a flexible document and navigational model.

- Developed a two-step Topic Map editing approach of Topic Map design and real Topic Map editing.

- Designed and developed several Topic Map engines based on different technolgies: a XSLT prototype, a Java prototype and a combined XSLT/Java prototype that combines the strength of XSLT and Java. In the development phase we learned how to use XSLT and Java in a sufficient way.

- Learned how to present and visualise Topic Maps in a flexible way. We designed and implemented several visualisation techniques, textual and graphical ones based on XHTML and SVG.

- Learned how to filter information based on the same central Topic Map. We learned how to use Topic Maps for searching besides navigating. We implemented a smart
search engine based on the same general Topic Map.

- Learned how to build a dynamic Topic Map engine that transforms one single Topic Map document into a Topic Map application with navigation and search facilities presented in a textual and graphical format.

The experience gained in this project will be useful as a starting point for the planned new activities about eLearning by using ‘Knowledge Maps’ (Topic Maps, Mind maps, Concept maps, Bookmaps) as the engine of a flexible and accessible Learning Framework.

KULRD's consultancy work on XML and related standards to external companies and organisations will undoubtedly increase.

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