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System for European water monitoring - Verification of the prototype in real-time measurement

One of the instruments made available from the project partners - the LFA test unit - is tested at our lab for a period of 7-8 months, concerning the parameters NH4-N and NO3-N, using the respective backside contacted ISFET sensors. The results obtained are compared with reference methods used at our lab, according to the German standard methods (DIN). These are: for NO3-N the ion chromatography (IC) and for NH4-N the photometric method.

During the testing time the following characteristics are validated:
- Sensor conditiong time;
- Measuring stability of sensor/system;
- The lowest limit of quantification (LOQ);
- Accuracy (by means of control and real samples);
- Precision / Uncertainty of the system;
- Sensor lifetime;
- Sensor homogeneity.

The results are very satisfactory, special for the nitrate measurement, concerning the stability and life time of the sensors. Also the accuracy and precision of the determination are very good even for real waters, except for effluents from waste water treatment plants.

The final improved prototype based on Micromac-1000 device, able to measure four ions simultaneously (NH4+, NO3-, K+ and Na+), was also thoroughly measured and the results are highly satisfactory.

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