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System for European water monitoring - Measurement and extracting model parameters of sensors

A dedicated automatic, computer-controlled stage for measurement of chemical ISFET sensors has been improved, based on standard firmware used in the SYSTEA's LFA analysers. It provides the following procedures: programmable dosage of chemicals, computer-controlled hydraulic system providing the flow of solutions through sensors mounted in flow-cells, programmable supply-measurement equipment for sensor biasing. Results of measurement are generated in XML files and stored in a dedicated database. Dedicated software has been developed for processing the database.

Another set of applications has been developed for extracting parameters of the sensor models. It contains a preextraction procedure providing rough values of electrical and chemical model parameters. These parameters are further adjusted by means of optimisation procedure.

Two versions of the software have been developed: A prototype software dedicated to Matlab environment, where new algorithms have been implemented, tested, improved and a final C application implemented as a firmware in the final demonstrator.

Developed electrical and chemical models appeared to have good numerical properties, were well-conditioned, easy in preextration and final optimisation.

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