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Hardware to manage the signal acquisition from Chemfet sensors

Two different types of hardware were developed to manage the signal acquisition from Chemfet sensors:
- A measuring system developed by Systea based on commercial A/D and D/A boards. This system is applied on the three prototypes developed during the research project (LFA test unit, probe demonstrator and final prototype) and it manages the Chemfet sensors by a specific software procedure developed with PW partners in order to measure the drain current response of voltage driven Chemfets.

- A voltage sensing board developed by VTT partner, which will be managed by new dedicated software module developed by UPC partner, using a second parallel board connected through the PC-104 bus to the main CPU unit.

The first one is able to measure the drain currents coming from the polarized sensors, while the second one reads directly the drain voltages. The first solution was found most suitable to use it in the final prototype.

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