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System for data transmitting and visualisation

The prototypes developed are capable to be managed by a local display and keyboard (LFA test unit and final prototype), a printer (LFA test unit) or to provide data to an external PC (probe demonstrator and final prototype) using a RS-232 serial port.

The final prototype is equipped with a special application program developed in Viau Basic under Windows XP operating system, which could perform the following main function:
- Start of analysis;
- Wash of the circuit;
- Stop the analysis;
- Display of the results;
- Record displayed data on a file of the PC.

The program can be used locally with the PC directly connected to the measuring device, but it can be also equipped with a set of 2 GSM devices to have the same functionality done remotely.

In the future industrialized program other communication devices of higher generation (GPRS, UMTS) will be used. his possibility is developed in laboratory version by TUL partner.

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