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System for European water monitoring - Creating the vision of future industrialisation of the system

According to the prototype devices developed under the project, the industrialization phase will be based on the following main points:
- Design of a compact and portable on-line analyser, to be powered by low voltage and with the lowest consumption of solutions and washing liquids

- Identification and development of a low cost and compact hydraulic to manage the measuring system

- Identification and development or a more compact and cheaper electronic to manage signal measurement and system management

- Design, development and field test of the industrialized product.

The industrialized product will be based on a miniaturized version of the standard SYSTEA's LFA technology.

The target of price will be to stay lower of 10.000 euro as list price for the on-line multiparametric device equipped with 6 measuring sensors.

The market target will be: environmental and agricultural Authorities, public and private entities that have the need to take under control surface water and groundwater.

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