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Web pictorial system for augmented reality image synthesis

One possibility to offer the ARIS (Augmented Reality Image Synthesis) service to customers of a furniture house is through the website of the company, providing the possibility to furnish one's house virtually in a photo-realistic manner.

The result includes the web services necessary to deploy the service, along with the locally executables (applets running on the customer's PC), all connections to the e-Commerce site of the company and a communication component, which allows for the direct communication between the customer and specialists (such as interior designers) for the creation of suggestions towards the customer.

In the case of the interactive (Web-based) application scenario for ARIS, the web client is the customer's personal computer, which is equipped with a digital photo-camera and is connected through a broadband connection to the 3D e-commerce server.

A possible deployment scenario involves an application server on the server side connected to the furniture repository of the company and its web-server. The client at home is deploying an applet for the viewing of the content. Additionally the remote expert is using an advanced version of the same tool with increased privileges.

Technical Details:
The necessary 3D geometry reconstruction and illumination reconstruction are usually performed at the customer's machine and are operated by the customer. We assume that the customer's machine is powerful enough (any state-of-the-art PC at the time of writing, i.e. end of 2004) to perform the aforementioned tasks and the user is familiar with the procedure of 3D geometry and illumination reconstruction, which is partly automated.

If the user faces any difficulties in the procedure or thinks that the results are not sufficiently satisfactory, an alternative is the provisioning of an expert teleconsultations. In this case all data he/she used for the 3D geometry and illumination reconstruction are transmitted to the machinery of the expert, who is now to perform the whole procedure.

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