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Augmented Reality Image Synthesis (ARIS) infrastructure

The ARIS (Augmented Reality Image Synthesis) system infrastructure summarizes the technical know-how necessary to set up a complete software and hardware chain that will help a corporation in the furniture retail industry set up the added value services developed within ARIS.

The ARIS services concentrate on the selection of furniture out of a catalogue and the subsequent incorporation of these selected pieces of furniture in an image of the real environment of the user or projected into the actual environment through head-mounted displays. The technology deployed is called augmented reality. The main innovation of the project is the approach that allows for photorealism in the incorporation of furniture models in the actual environment of the user. Additionally within the project it was possible to link the complete technology to a set of technologies, necessary to make the service available in a short period of time and closely linked to possible eCommerce activities of the customers.

The infrastructure of the ARIS system is completely scalable and may be adjusted to fit the needs of various potential customers, such as:
- Large furniture retail companies;
- Smaller furniture retail houses;
- Application service providers.

The components of the infrastructure comprise the following:
- A database management system structured according to the needs of the furniture retail industry, capabale of integration into existing inventory systems. Additionally capabilities to integrate multimedia information and advanced grapohics models with the furniture inventory.

- A set of web services for setting up the application as an addition to existing web-sites.

- The complete design of a scalable hardware platforms for the hosting of various components of the system.

- Networking components and infrastructure for on-site collaborative augmented reality applications.

- Exact specification of all components needs to set up various versions of the system and deploy it remotely through conventional (web browsers) or advanced clients (mobile augmented reality units).

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