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The webGIS (Geographic Information System) stores geographical data, that are necessary for site planning processes and which is described by the metadata in the metadata base. 3 webGIS are available, one for Italy, one for Poland and one for Germany. They are based on available market products. Each of them contains example data.

The webGIS is connected to the other INVISIP-components, so that the user can switch between metadata and original data. End-users of the webGIS are planners in authorities or in commercial offices, citizens or other people interested in site planning.

A webGIS is useful in many different sectors. It can be helpful in all sectors, where geographical data is needed, such as environmental, geological, traffic (by ship, car and plane) or forest sectors.

As it was not part of the project to develop a new GIS, the standard functions of common GIS-Systems are used. A main favourite of the webGIS is the combination with the metadata base. If the user is working with the metadata browser he has the opportunity to open the webGIS and view the data found.

For a commercial application it is necessary to regulate the question about copyrights. In the most of the countries the cadastral data, for example, are data under state control, and other data belong to the entities, which have collected the data.

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