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Diffused aerial image model (DAIM)

The Diffused Aerial Image Model (DAIM) is a so-called simplified resist model. It provides a reliable way to simulate resist CDs for 1D or 2D features using a reduced number of model parameters.

The basic principle relies on two main assumptions. First, the photogenerated product distribution is at first order obtained by a simple convolution of the aerial image by a gaussian function, which is accounting for the resist diffusion.

Second, the threshold at which the CD is measured is related to the inverse of the experimental dose using a set of 3 parameters that are calibrated for given process conditions. These 3 parameters are related to the resist sensitivity and a potential dose offset.

The model has been proved to provide accurate results (<5% error) for a wide range of wavelength, illumination conditions and feature types.

Dissemination: two publications at the SPIE Microlithography conference in 2002 and 2003.

Use potential: the model can be used as an additional resist model in a commercial (or non-commercial) lithography simulator.

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