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Testing and disseminating INVISIP (information visualisation for site planning) results

Following a user centred design process, the core components of INVISIP (Metadata Browser, Entry Tool, Control Unit) were evaluated through all stages of the development process. After building and testing (n=8) a paper based conceptual mockup of the table-based visualisations of the metadata browser at the very beginning of the project, the results of this user test were put into a clickable, more interactive html-prototype.

In a user test session with 8 users from the INVISIP consortium, the metadata browser demonstrator I (3d-library plus table-based visualizations mockup) and the entry-tool were tested. Major and minor usability flaws were discovered and eliminated. This evaluation was accompanied by a web-based user centred questionnaire, which was open to the public (preferably target user group) and intended to deliver feedback on a statistical valid basis. 32 persons participated. Interesting facts about the target user group were discovered, like their preferences for usage of metadata, visualization and search behaviour.

Additionally, a second web-based questionnaire was established to evaluate the feasibility of the demonstrator I. Questions concerning the usefulness of the components and the data integrated gave important feedback to the consortium.

The demonstrator II was evaluated partly with 8 users from the consortium. The table-based visualizations, the visual data mining component and the control unit were set up in a testing environment and evaluated using a formal usability test. Minor redesign issues were generated by this test.

The feasibility of the demonstrator II will be evaluated by a web-based questionnaire as well. Some practical tasks concerning the system are given to the test persons, who have to answer questions about the user-friendliness and the system in general.

Dissemination of the INVISIP project results took place in form of summarising reports. The final dissemination plan contains the intentions of the partners for the dissemination of the project result and their use in the partners daily activities beyond the end of the project.

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