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Terminal station management system (TSMS)

Terminal Station Management System (TSMS) is a self-contained software suite allowing to control the telecom and O&M functions of a Terminal capable of transmission/reception over cellular, WLAN, DVB. It can work ‘standalone’ or in peer-to-peer connection with the Network and Services Management System (NSMS).

The TSMS (Terminal Station Management System) is the core of the CREDO terminal. TSMS allows uninterrupted service reception for the end-user, no matter what transport wireless network (GPRS, WLAN, DVB-T) is used.

The TSMS consists of the following functional entities:
- NSMS Interaction Module: This module is responsible for the communication between the TSMS and the NSMS (Network and Services Management System) through the CTNP (CREDTO TSMS-NSMS Protocol) protocol. The NSMS Interaction module ultimately allows network-driven vertical handover.

- Application Interface: The interface between the applications and the TSMS uses the CATP (CREDO Applications-TSMS Protocol). The Application Interface allows mapping application-related QoS constraints to network-related QoS measurements.

- Network Selector, which gathers the following data:
--Network data; a list of the available networks and a list of preferred networks, the latter specified by the NSMS.
-- Service data; a list of the service definitions and a list of the currently running services, as requested by the running applications.
-- Quality information; various quality parameters from the network and link layer levels, such as the GPRS carrier level or the IEEE802.11b signal level.

- Handover Middleware: It is responsible for the networking configuration of the terminal. It manages the TCP/IP stack configuration and the network interfaces driver configuration. The handover middleware is also responsible for the Mobile IP implementation.

- Quality monitor: It continually polls IP layer and link layer parameters, which may be sent to NSMS over CTNP.

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