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Network and service management system (NSMS)

Network and Service Management System (NSMS) assists heterogeneous wireless access networks in their operation in composite radio environments. It enables the different operators to optimise service delivery through their diverse radio systems. Additionally, the NSMS is capable of driving the user terminals to the appropriate quality level and network for each service, in a “transparent” manner.

The Network and Service Management System (NSMS) developed by CREDO allows for the exploitation of a composite radio (CR) infrastructure. It drives users (CREDO terminals) to the appropriate quality level for each service and the appropriate network of the CR environment, in a “transparent” manner. In other words, it guides users to the “best” wireless access technology for a set of requested services, terminal profiles and network availability.

Furthermore, the NSMS assists heterogeneous wireless access networks in their inter-operation in composite radio environments and is essential for the cost-effective provision of services through CR environments. Due to the complementary role of the wireless access networks of a CR infrastructure, a Network Provider (NP) can choose, instead of rejecting users or of degrading their Quality of Service (QoS) levels, to direct them to an alternate radio technology.

For users and SPs, the supporting radio technology can be irrelevant, as long as cost and QoS criteria are met. Therefore, the NSMS platform that CREDO deployed constitutes an innovative development that boosts the evolution, enhancement and effectiveness of e-business, e-work, and e-commerce applications, by supporting quality for new, sophisticated services. Individuals, organisations, and markets can benefit from the advantages of such applications. SPs are enabled to better serve their customers, and NPs are able to increase their market share by promoting their infrastructure. Additionally, NPs exploit their networks more efficiently.

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