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The CREDO service supporting framework

The CREDO Service Supporting framework:
- Client-side: CREDO Application TSMS protocol (CATP).

- Server-side: enhanced (with respect to IBM web-authoring products) content management suite.

The CREDO Application-TSMS protocol is an important definition framework for the implementation of enhanced applications. It is a framework that enables the interface between applications and terminal in order to exploit composite radio environment systems.

The important factor is that in the CREDO project the implementation of this component was done outside the core application and therefore it is reusable in not only for CREDO specific applications but also for ‘legacy’ applications. This is an important step in the implementation of applications that are targeted to demanding environments.

The impact in application development in the case of implementation on composite radio environments is important as it can be exploited not only in the CREDO services but also in other service provision, such as voice applications.

Another important direction for exploiting the project’s results is related to the potential for enhancing and expanding the usage of various existing application tools developed/employed by the company, so as to gain both experience and feedback.

Such experience can be directly incorporated into IBM’s web-authoring products, like the Websphere, DB2 and content management, part of which is the video charger server.

It should be pointed out that the results of the project are of benefit to, not only IBM Hellas, but also to other IBM research locations, which, although not directly present in the consortium, are in deep and constant cooperation with the Greek branch. Accordingly, the results will also be of use to locations like the T.J. Watson Research centre in the US since they are going to be presented in one of the following internal technical meetings.

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