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Functional analysis of low-penetrance breast cancer susceptibility genes

Putative low penetrance cancer susceptibility genes may have under appreciated role in the overall genetic predisposition to breast cancer and other common malignancies. To test their possible functional role, we used a variety of approaches to examine several candidate breast cancer susceptibility genes, including BACH1 (Lei and Vorechovsky, 2003; Luo et al., 2002), CDH (Lei et al., 2002b; Salahshor et al., 2001), ATM (Lei et al., 2002a; Stankovic et al., 2001) and MMP3 (Lei et al., 2002c). The methods employed mutation analysis (Luo et al., 2002; Vorechovsky, 2002), analysis of alternative pre-mRNA splicing (Kralovicova et al., 2004), subcellular localization (Lei and Vorechovsky, 2003), promoter activity assays (Lei et al., 2002b), haplotype analysis (Stankovic et al., 2001) and allelic association (Lei et al., 2002c). Full details are described in references below:

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