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NANOTHERMEL Sintesi della relazione

Project ID: G5RD-CT-2000-00292
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-GROWTH
Paese: Germany

Improved properties of nano-structured thermoelectrics

Nano-sized powders of CoSb(3) Skutterudites with partial substitution of Co by Ni and Fe, respectively, and partial substitution of Sb by Te, delivered by KTH, have been consolidated by hot pressing at DLR to bulk-like samples suitable for functional characterization. The samples have been characterized concerning spatial homogeneity of the Seebeck coefficient. The temperature dependence of the thermoelectric properties has been measured by different methods at DLR. Structure and chemical composition has been analysed by XRD, XRF, and SEM.

Optimisation: The material has been functionally optimised by partial substitution of Sb by Te. Tests on these materials have shown an improvement in the TE properties.

Most important, these measurements have shown, that nano-technology is indeed capable to produce materials with drastically reduced thermal conductivity. In comparison to known bulk values, the obtained thermal conductivity was reduced by a factor of 4 to 5.

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German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Linder Höhe
511 47 Cologne
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