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Thermoelectric properties of Zn(4)Sb(3)

Samples of Zn(4)Sb(3) have been zone-refined under different conditions by UAA and investigated by DLR. Quenched samples from UAA have been ground and ball-milled to powder and pressed under various temperatures at 100 MPa.

For characterisation of the thermoelectric properties the samples were analysed by different methods. The electrical conductivity sigma, thermal conductivity kappa, and the Seebeck coefficient S were measured in the range from room temperature to 400°C and the figure of merit Z was calculated. The results so far published elsewhere could be largely attained.

The homogeneity of the samples was investigated by means of the Seebeck microprobe, which gives a hint on the phase purity.

DSC measurements have been performed to investigate the decomposition of Zn(4)Sb(3) during heat treatment resulting in a possibly limited to 350°C application temperature.

Considering that the investigated material was still state of the art material. Great potential is in this material when doping.

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