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Foundation of a new SME

Due to the close co-operation of one of the employees at DLR (Dr. Dieter Platzek) with the industrial partners THERMOGEN AB and CIDETE, Dr. Platzek decided after finishing the project to found his own company and to carry on with the fruitful cooperation with the above mentioned partners.

The new company PANCO, Physics Technology – Development of Facilities and Consulting, deals with the development of applications in thermoelectrics and with the development and distribution of measurement facilities for measuring physical properties. Furthermore the great experience of Dr. Dieter Platzek in measurement technology will be used for consulting.

More information on the NANOTHERMEL project can be found at:

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Panco, Physics Technololgy – Development and Consulting
Kärlicher Str. 7
56218 Mülheim-Kärlich
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