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INNAMORA, A European conference/workshop focussed on the mechanisms of innate immunity in pathogen-host interaction and their exploitation in novel mucosal immunisation strategies

As a conclusion of the MUCIMM project, we have organised an Euroconference/Workshop entitled Novel Strategies of Mucosal Immunisation through Exploitation of Mechanisms of Innate Immunity in Pathogen-Host Interaction held in Siena on November 6-9, 2002. This event, supported by the EU Commission aimed at implementing European efforts towards novel vaccination strategies, has represented the most important appointment of all participants of the 5FP involved with mucosal vaccine projects and has paved the way to the 6FP.

The purpose of the meeting has been multiple:
- To gather the co-ordinators of the best EU-funded projects on vaccine strategies, mucosal immunisation, and innate immunity, in a Euroconference aimed at establishing the state of the art of the European research in the field.

- To hold a Workshop on "Innate Immunity and Pathogen-Host Interaction", which included a number of overviews from top scientists and opinion leaders, plus a series of contributions from younger investigators. The Workshop aimed at providing both participating European researchers and the EU Commission with the newest trends and directions of research in the area of mechanisms of innate immunity and their exploitation for the design of new vaccination strategies.

- To discuss, in a concluding Round Table, the future trends of mucosal immunisation strategies within the European health policies.

- To implement participation of younger investigators through encouraging and training measures during the scientific sessions of the meeting. Participation awards has been available.A special issue of the journal Vaccine has been prepared by participants based on the work presented at the meeting and aimed to describe the state of art of European research in mucosal immunology and vaccinology. This has been published in June 2003. Thus, all journal subscribers worldwide have received the information about the actions of the EU Commission in the fields. Furthermore, copies of that issue of Vaccine has been distributed to all participants at the Global Vaccine Research Forum held in Seoul, South Korea on June 30th - July 2nd 2003 organized by GAVI and WHO.

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