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Characterization of immune response to oral BCG in healthy human volunteers

We have characterised immune response to oral BCG in healthy human volunteers. As part of an integrated program to develop recombinant BCG for oral use (partly funded by MUCIMM) the immune response to a non-recombinant oral BCG Moreau (RdJ) preparation in healthy human volunteers who have previously been intradermally immunised with BCG Glaxo has being evaluated.

Fifteen healthy volunteers have to date taken the vaccine. We have shown that this vaccine is well tolerated by healthy British adults when delivered in a single dose. We have used T cell proliferation assays, cytokine assays from the supernatants of stimulated PBMCs, cytokine Elispot responses, and serology, to many different mycobacterial antigens to investigate the immune response.

The T cell proliferation assays have shown that the oral BCG Moreau (RdJ) elicited a T cell response in the majority of our volunteers (12/15). With the cytokine response to PPD stimulated PBMCs, we have shown a Th1 response with an increase in IFN-g in the supernatant. Similarly a cytokine Elispot assay has shown a statistically significant increase in the number of cell secreting IFN-g to PPD post vaccination.

Serological and skin test cytokine responses have also been measured but not yet analysed.

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