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User model cooperativity component

The project has constructed Athos, a generic and modular framework for multilingual speech-based application development. The Athos architecture is hybrid, utilising components based on different computational paradigms, such as symbolic computation, statistical methods and neural networks.

The Cooperativity Model deals with the system’s dialogue control and explicitness of the given information which affect the system’s interaction capabilities and naturalness of the dialogue. Cooperativity Model produces recommendations for the appropriate explicitness of the system utterances, depending on the user’s observed competence levels, and is taken into account by the system's generation components when deciding the system utterances.

The model consists of an offline and an online version, which use somewhat different input parameters, due to their different functionality in the system: the online version reacts to the ongoing interaction, while the offline version records the user's familiarity with the system in general.

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