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AthosNews - English "talking" newspaper application

AthosNews is a 'talking newspaper' application aimed at visually-impaired users. Traditional talking newspaper services are based on recording a volunteer human reader in a studio, and this mode of production limits the amount of material that can be recorded in a given period. Using computer-generated speech, this bottleneck can be overcome, and AthosNews is a prototype of such a service, which has been implemented with speech input for control.

The speech input allows users to search or browse for news articles by topic, which is the main feature that distinguishes it from existing services. ASR is done with a Nuance grammar, which is partly dynamically generated from the news article titles, and can be extended by the user via a spelling mode.

The system has been tested by a group of visually-impaired expert computer users, for whom a multi-modal (keypad for within-text control) dialogue would be a basic requirement, but who recognized the benefits of content retrieval via speech. The system prototype could be developed either into a telephone-accessed service or as a desktop application. The system has been described in an article submitted to a journal, currently under review.

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