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AthosCal - Swedish calendar application

The AthosCal prototype provides a multimodal interface to a central web-based calendar service and allows users to access it over, for example, a mobile phone or a PDA, using both spoken input and output. The application runs on several platforms including PDAs and desktop computers, and is currently in test usage by a number of Swedish users. Plans are under way to extend its functionality for mobile usage to mobile phone clients. The application was chosen as an advanced prototype due to the possible synergies of a calendar application with an e-mail system. Further, mobile users of an e-mail application may also want to access calendar data.

One of the major goals of the prototype development was to investigate the feasibility of designing speech interfaces for expert and frequent users. These users are expected to be mobile professionals with high requirements on the interface functionality. AthosCal was developed for Swedish and English and has been evaluated separately. For allowing the voice-controlled calendar to be used as a complement to desktop-based calendars, support to the international iCalendar standard was developed.

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