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Publications on quantification of parameters in pathology

As part of the 3D-Pathology project the partners published the following results:
- A. Albrecht, H. Hager, G. Beckett, C. Gottrup, Echtzeit-Diagnostik und 3D-Visualisierung, Transkript BioTechnologie Nachrichten-Magazin 8-9 10 Jahr-gang 2004 | ISSN 1435-5272 | A 49017 (in German).

- New Tool for Pathologists, European Biotechnology News, Number 12 Volume 3 2004 | ISSN 1618-8276 |A 60771.

- There will also be a presentation at the conference on Real-Time Imaging IX, which is part of the IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging 2005, in San Jose, California USA, on 16-20 January 2005 (

The reference number for the presentation is 5671-2. The title and authors are as follows: Christian Gottrup, Mark G. Beckett, Henrik Hager, Peter Locht "3D-Pathology, a Real-time System for Quantitative Diagnostic Pathology and Visualisation in 3D".

More information on the 3D-Pathology project can be found at:

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